FiveHT's Legacy of Success

FiveHT's Legacy of Success

A Software Agency

FiveHT is a client facing software provider specializing in Enterprise Intranet Platforms. Incorporated in 2005, the FiveHT Team maintains a legacy of award wining system deployments, exceptional service delivery and rapid custom development.  We deliver software and services to a broad range of clients across The United States and Canada. 

Strategically Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest Tech Belt our team enjoys quick access to flight hubs in Seattle, Vancouver and San Francisco. Our US customer focused operation compliments the Global Claromentis Team which includes the following locations:

Claromentis Ltd - Tower Point Brighton United Kingdom 

Claromentis Australia - RDKS Melbourne, Australia


Web Commerce

In the pioneer era of the web, the possibilities were endless; operating under our initial trade name, Insomedia, we published and syndicated web commerce platforms, reseller programs and traffic distribution. We pushed over half a million visitors through our system, an amazing triumph back in 1998.


Intranet Software Development

Relocated the company from Toronto to the technology friendly Pacific Northwest under an entirely new Ltd Corporation with a singular focused strategic direction. We developed, launched and maintained our own proprietary Intranet Software based on a PHP backbone with a brilliant Flash animated User Interface (UI) (accomplished with SWX plugin). Using a Flash interface at the time had several benefits including the ability to completely customize the interface for each client.  Primarily designed for medium sized 100 - 2,500 user businesses, we attracted various clients including National Franchise clients and Departments of the Provincial Government. We deployed, hosted and maintained each system at Rackspace Cloud Sites (formerly Mosso).


Enterprise Intranet Software

Building on our award winning UI designs and extensive production experience; we began working with various third party Intranet Software platforms. This improved our ability to rapidly deploy highly customized Intranets to meet any business process requirements. FiveHT won gold in two coveted International Design Award competitions gaining our team recognition across the United States.


Digital Workspace Revolution

Seizing the opportunity to collaborate and work with one of the global leaders in Intranet Software platforms, Claromentis Ltd. based in Brighton England, FiveHT shifted its focus to the sales, implementation, account management and service delivery; of solely this product. We leveraged our legacy of experience to bring a new, brilliant and agile Intranet platform to our North American clients. Truly empowering customers with a powerful digital workspace. 

The FiveHT and Claromentis partnership provided the required recipe for success with enterprise clients such as National Public Radio (NPR), Ebay, BrightHouse Networks joining the client list.


Continued Growth in  North America

Version 8 release of Claromentis was a game changer with Drag-and-Drop functionality improving the intuitive nature of the platform. Mega Clients like Golden State Warriors and American Addictions Centers joined the FiveHT client list and leveraged the Claromentis Platform for internal business processes. The team also continued to refine our expertise and best practices when deploying systems for Federal Credit Unions, Credit Unions and Banks as we continued to on board clients from these sectors throughout 2016 and 2017.


Expanded Professional Services and Platform Upgrades

With the expansion of our highly skilled professional servies team, we're taking on larger and more complex projects. This compliments the brilliant ongoing platform ugrades; new features, apps and clever yet inuitive solutions have made the Claromentis 8+ Intranet platform dominant in the market in 2019 -  doubling our traditional workload in both Western and Eastern regions of the USA. 

Our Clients

Here are just a few of the great companies we work with;

Golden State Warriors
American Addiction Centers
SFCU California
University of Illinois
Ebay Enterprise / Radial
America's SBDC's
San Antonio Water Systems
Bright House Networks
Clark Pacific
Mr Mikes
Aloha Pacific
Rush Cycle America
Tri Med

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