Exceptional Service Delivery

Exceptional Service Delivery

From Claromentis Experts

Delivered Online or Onsite Accross the United States and Canada: 

Design Consultation and Support 

Admin Training 

E-Forms and Workflow Creation

Project Management

Ongoing Support

Custom Development 

A Brilliant Software Platform is just the Beginning.

Professional Services: From Deployment to Complete Product Lifecycle Support

We deliver a suite of comprehensive Professional Services to USA and Canadian customers in conjunction with the Claromentis Head Office Team. Our approach seamlessly leverages over 14 years of deployment experience across America with Claromentis Developers; ensuring every project enjoys perfect integration and warranted support ongoing. 

+ Design Consultation and Support  

Our Professional Services team will work with you to create a personalized intranet design; the newest Claromentis 8 upgrade allows for quick interface changes, multi-brand templating with simple css and styling options. Our tenured Implementation team works with new clients to transform their intranet requirements into reality; from best practices interface design to template designs and custom work. 

+ Training- Online or Onsite

Training services are delivered either online through a series of webex session or through onsite training to clients across the US, Canada and the Caribbean. 

The Majority of our training is in a ‘train-the- trainer style’ that supports knowledge and ownership within your organization. We work with your identified trainer(s) or project leads to provide hands on experience throughout all aspects of our platform. Training can also be customized to your exact needs. 

Training can also be provided on an individual and/or group (up to 5 in a webex; larger on site) basis to meet the specific needs of your organization. Where required we can provide additional support due to on-boarding new staff or implementation timelines and our training programmes can easily be adapted to your company’s requirements.

+ E-Forms and Workflow Creation

Harnessing the powering of the Infocapture module within Claromentis, we can easily help you create and manage virtually any electronic form or complex workflow requirement. Solving business problems is a passion for our services team who can build and deploy your e-forms and workflows.  We’ll gain a clear understanding of your process requirements. A cycle of iterations and modifications will take place to ensure we’ve got your forms and processes just right before fully deploying your new e-forms and workflows.

+ Project Management

Our team uses best practices in project management to support your organization in meeting its objectives and timelines. We can assist in facilitating meetings to review timelines, task assignments, help answer questions along the way based on experience and many other key aspects of the implementation. If your organization as an internal project management team or PMO adapted support to align to your internal methodologies can be provided.

+ OnGoing Support

Claromentis online customer support portal is available 24/7 and allows your intranet administrators to submit tickets and assign priority levels. Dedicated American and Canadian Telephone and Email support is also included and delivered from our West Coast offices in Victoria BC, from 7am to 5pm PST Monday to Friday. Dedicated Account Management and After Hours Critical Hotline also available to USA Clients. 

+ Custom Development 

This means limitless customization to solve any internal business problem with custom apps direct from Claromentis. Based on a new ultra-fast development environment exclusive for the next generation of Intranets.

We help you harness the power of Claromentis 8.2 and make your Intranet Exceptional

Transition Training and Support

Transition Training and Support

For new Admin's taking over an existing Claromentis System.

We make it easy to take on any Claromentis Intranet Admin Role. Our Team is with you every step of the way;  we create and execute a custom transition plan based on your unique requirements. Combine an onsite session with Amazing ongoing personalized support.


After Hours USA Support
Monday - Friday  8am - 5pm PST