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Exclusively Claromentis 

Integrated Sales and Professional Services for USA Based Customers

Since 2013 we have exclusively worked with Claromentis Ltd to provide completely integrated licenses and services to clients based in the United States and Canada.  

We Leverage our legacy of Intranet experience with the brilliance of the Claromentis Digital Worlplace Software suite.

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A Legacy of Success

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Web Commerce

In the pioneer era of the web, the possibilities were endless; operating under our initial trade name, Insomedia, we published and syndicated web commerce platforms, reseller programs and traffic distribution. We pushed over half a million visitors through our system, an Amazing triumph in 1998.

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Intranet Software Development

We developed, launched and maintained our own proprietary Intranet Software, based on a PHP backbone with a brilliant Flash animated user interface (UI) accomplished using a SWX plugin. Using a Flash interface at the time, had several benefits including the ability to completely customize the interface for each client application. Primarily designed for medium sized 100 - 2500 user businesses, we attracted various clients including National Franchise's and Provincial Government departments. Our System was deployed and hosted at Rackspace (formerly Mosso)



Enterprise Intranet Software

Building on our award winning UI designs and extensive production experience; we began working with various third party Intranet Software platforms. This improved our ability to rapidly deploy; highly customizable Intranets with business process and e-form requirements. FiveHT won Gold in two coveted International Intranet Design Awards, increasing our business recognition within the industry in the United States and Canada. 



Digital Workspace Revolution

Seizing the opportunity to work with one of the global leaders in Intranet Software Platforms pioneering the Digital Workspace revolution; Claromentis Ltd based in Brighton, England. FiveHT shifted its entire focus to this new platform: Initially taking on Sales, UI & System Design , customizations and Implementation for both our existing and new customers. 

The Claromentis Partnership provided both a huge technical advantage and its flexibility to leverage our passion for brilliant UI designs. Increased Enterprise sales soon followed with onboarding of mega clients like, Ebay, NPR (National Public Radio) and Bright House Networks joining our client list. 



Continued Growth in North America

The Version 8 Claromentis Release was a game changer, with full drag and drop functionality complimenting an already intuitive platform. Our Service delivery grows as Business Processes and Electronic Forms become a fundamental part of every new deployment.



The Intranet is an Essential Service

The challenges of the Pandemic and the work from home movement resulted in a significant upward shift in the Intranet Market; A properly functioning Digital Workspace changed from a 'nice to have' to a ' must have' part of Business Infrastructure.

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